Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Perfect Stranger by Megan Miranda

Hello, all! 
I just finished The Perfect Stranger by Megan Miranda. I received a copy from NetGalley. No review was required. But, I still thank Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review. 

The Perfect Stranger had a great lure, mystery, intrigue, suspense. Unfortunately it didn't really deliver for me. It took me way too long to finish it. The story revolves around Leah Stevens who is recovering from a scandal at work. When Leah is at her lowest point and trying to figure out her next move, she comes back into contact with her old college roommate, Emmy. Emmy says she is bouncing back from a breakup, so she suggests she and Leah leave their troubles behind in Boston and share a house in the woods in Pennsylvania. 

After they arrive and get semi-settled, a brutal assault takes place near the lake where they live. The victim: Bethany Jarvitz. Is the suspect a coach at the school where Leah teaches and has contact with? Is Leah in danger? 

Then, Emmy disappears and it looks like she may be the next victim. Can Leah find her in time? What's Leah's role in all this? 

Well, you can read to find out, but I found it very slow moving. However, some parts were good, and I guess since I wanted to see what happened, I stuck it out, but it just seemed to take too long. I thought the ending could have been written differently and then it would have been worth it. I was already looking forward to my next book. 

I really am grateful to NetGalley! I am sure I will enjoy the next one I get a lot more! 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Bookshop at Water's End by Patti Callahan Henry

Hello, all! I hope everyone is gearing up for some great summer reading. I know I am. I am also getting quite intimidated by my "to read" list (lol).  It has a life of its own. 

If you are looking for a light, good beachy read, you can always turn to Patti Callahan Henry. Her new book The Bookshop at Water's End coming July 2017 is perfect for your beach vacation. 

There are some heavy parts in it, but nothing crushing. Bonny and Lainey have been friends all their lives, spending summers together at the beach and on the river in a magical South Carolina town. Flashing back to the times when they were young and Lainey's mom disappears and then coming back to present day, where Bonny is having several problems of her own, you get a thorough feel of their long standing friendship. 

Bonny and Lainey return to the place where the best and worst things have happened to them to try and make peace and clear their heads. Can they? Can they fix past and present issues? Along for the ride is Bonny's daughter, Piper and Lainey's children, George and Daisy. Piper is fighting her own demons, but just like Bonny and Lainey back in the day, Piper also finds solace in the bookshop at Water's End.

My two cents: I got pulled into this book very quickly and it really kept my interest. The only thing I didn't feel was that the bookshop didn't have such a big role in the story to be the focus of the title, in my opinion. Yes, the bookshop owner, Mimi is a major player in the story, but the title is all about the bookshop. I might be nitpicking. 

In any event, some parts were  a little too dramatic, but sometimes that's good in a story. It's DEFINITELY a read to be enjoyed with the summer wind in your hair while you're sitting near the water. Let me know what you think. Thank you to NetGalley for an advance reader copy of this book. No review was required. 

Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Sunshine Sisters by Jane Green

I really should blog on every book I read.  I find I really do enjoy it. I give EVERYTHING I read a star rating on but the ones I blog about are the ones I get in exchange for an honest review. This one I received from First To Read by Penguin. It's a great program!  

This one was a hard one to review. This is my 4th Jane Green book. I keep trying her books because the masses seem to love her. I have two more on my "to read" list and then that will be it for me. This one, however, was a little better than the other three I read and therefore, I gave it one more star than the others. It wasn't as dramatic as the others, either and slightly more believable. Ronni Sunshine, megastar back in her heyday, has three daughters, Nell, Meredith and Lizzy. Ronni is sick (not really a spoiler) and wants to, as a lot of people do, make amends with her family. All three girls are not close with their mother, due to the fact that her actor life took her away from them for long periods of time and quite frankly, made her quite the narcissist. The girls aren't close with each other either. Each daughter has branched out and they barely talk. Ronni wants to try and change that, too and try and make them see that they need each other. Word of advice, the book did hold my interest, but it is a light read. There are no surprises here. What you read on Goodreads, or the book jacket is what you get. But, all in all, a good story, except for a side issue (which I won't go into here) seemed to be an afterthought that wanted to be forced into the story by the author and not really relevant to the main plot. Thank you so much to Penguin Random House First To Read Program! I really appreciate it.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Gone Without a Trace

I have never heard of this author before, but you can bet I will be looking into another book of hers!  I can honestly say this is the most fun I have had with a book in a long time. The premise, without spoiling anything is this: Hannah has it all. A good job, a comfortable home and a loving boyfriend. She goes away for a business trip and is thrilled when her boss hints at an upcoming promotion. Riding high, Hannah returns home only to find her boyfriend,  Matt, is gone. Not only is he gone, every trace of him is missing. All of his belongings, all the artwork he had brought with him that had hung on the walls, everything. And, not only is it gone, all of Hannah's belongings are back in the places they were in before Matt moved in with her. Hannah is stunned and goes to call him only to find that all of her calls, texts and pictures with Matt are gone from her phone. At first, I thought, he didn't exist in the first place, but Hannah calls her best friend and tells her Matt is gone and from that point on, it is evident that he DID exist and a true mystery ensues. I think I yelled at loud once or twice, "What is going ON here?" It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it thoroughly. And, let me just say the ending isn't your typical tie it up a bow, all is well scenario. I HIGHLY recommend this book. Go have fun with it! Thank you to Penguin Read It First program for the advance copy! 

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Amish Weddings by Leslie Gould

I have found a great Amish fiction author to add to my already very heavy to read list. I received a copy of this from The Bethany House review program and wanted to share my review. 

I am a big Amish fiction fan. I like a couple different authors, and never had heard of this one. Well, I dove right in! I was only disappointed when I found out this was a third  installment in a trilogy. I immediately wanted to go back and read the first two. 

I really enjoyed this book. It was about two Amish sisters and their family. Lila, the older sister is planning her wedding to Zane when a terrible accident happens (I won't get spoil it here), and younger sister Rose has to step up and help. Rose is in the middle of her own courtship with Reuben and trying to find her own way in life. 

Meanwhile, Zane's English friend, Trevor shows up for a visit and that's when things really start picking up in the book. 

This book is a great lesson to all about appreciating what you have right in front of you and how important it is to cherish your loved ones. Even more powerful is the power of forgiveness and moving on in the best way one can. 

If you like Amish fiction, I highly recommend this story. The characters were very well developed, and made me want to see them again.  I am happy to have found Leslie Gould, so a big thank you goes out to Bethany House! 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Wish by Beverly Lewis

I received a free copy (rom the publisher. No review, positive or otherwise, was required. However that being said, I always enjoy Beverly Lewis' books. Her book, The Shunning was the first Amish book I read and it kicked off a journey for me into a world of Amish fiction. This book is about Leona and Gloria, very close childhood friends who live next door to one another until Gloria's father packs his family up and leaves the Amish community. Leona is devastated and misses Gloria terribly. Leona dreamed of having Gloria as a lifelong sister-friend. Three years pass and Gloria reaches out to Leona. What occurred that made Gloria's father leave? What is Gloria up to now? Leona goes to find out what happened to her friend and why she and her family left. The rest of the book is about forgiveness and redemption and making our own choices in life.