Monday, December 30, 2013

Come Home by Lisa Scottoline

Come Home
This book was horrible. If I could give no stars, I would. I had to laugh at another reviewer say that they wanted to throw the book. I wanted to throw it and burn it. If I saw that the main character "say" the word, "honey" or "sweetie" one more time, I really was going to throw the book.

The other dialogue was bad, too. No one talks like the way the characters did. I almost threw up at some of the phrases the author used, like when talking about the one annoying, clueless step daughter "practically fell into [the EX stepmother's] arms." this girl was an adult, not a three year old, for crying out loud. SO dramatic.

The connection that Jill had with two EX step daughters was bizarre. I understand still having a connection, but she seemed obsessed, not to mention obtuse.

I can honestly say this is quite possibly the worst book I have ever attempted to read.

And who had the bright idea of using a kid on the cover running to someone when all three of the kids were actually a lot older?

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Night Film by Marsha Pessl

Well, I wanted to love this book...and for a little while, I did. I thought the concept was brilliant, and then I thought the way the author used tools of immersion, such as pages that looked like real news articles was very original. 

The premise is this: Ashley Cordova, 24, commits suicide. She is the daughter Stan Cordova, a creator of night films. He is an enigma and never seen in public anymore. He is quite the mystery with legions of fans. The facts surrounding Ashley's death are hazy at best. Enter investigative journalist, Scott McGrath who once tried to tap into the dark world of Cordova and found himself ruined as a result. 

McGrath reopens his investigation on the Cordova family once Ashley's body s found. With the help of two others who encountered Ashley, they set off on a whirlwind investigation, trying to find out the real reason behind Ashley's suicide. 

The reader is then plunged into a dark netherworld of Stan Cordova's films and lifestyle, leading you to believe Ashley was a victim of her father's interests and likes. Without giving too much away, I was riveted to the book, really wanting to know what happened to Ashley. 

As it went on, though, I felt it start to drag. This is worse than a whole book dragging because I was so into it at first. I wasn't even that disappointed at the reason Ashley took her life. I was more disappointed in the very ending. I thought it was too much and over the top. 

This book took a lot of time. It is very long and while I see the originality in it, I am glad it is time for my next book. 

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