Friday, July 10, 2015

The Rumor by Elin Hilderbrand

Time for summer fun and the best part? Summer reading!!! I just got finished reading The Rumor by Elin Hilderbrand. She's known as the Queen of the Beach Read, and she does not disappoint! I was fortunate enough to be in Rehoboth Beach at the great bookstore, Browseabout Books when Ms. Hilderband was signing her newest book. If you are in Rehoboth Beach, or close by, make sure you stop by and visit this bookstore. You will be so glad you did! Here I am with Ms. Hilderbrand!

This book was everything a good beach read should be! It is about two best friends, Madeline and Grace who are both going through troubling times. Madeline is struggling to come up with an idea for her new novel, and Grace is having more feelings that she should for her gardener, Benton. Grace, of course, confides in her best friend and all of a sudden, Madeline has an idea for her new book. But, can she, in good conscience, write the book, with the risk of hurting her best friend? 

The story is so much more than that and there are some twists in it that I was not expecting. The book also tells the stories of Grace's husband, Eddie, who runs into troubles of his own, notwithstanding, Grace's attraction to Benton. Also in the story are Grace's twins, Allegra and Hope and Madeline's husband Trevor and their son, Brick, who is dating Allegra. 

This book went so quickly. It was one of those books that I kept putting down TRYING to make it last. I didn't have much luck, because I wanted to see what happened. Mixed with drama and bits of humor, you will enjoy The Rumor. I sure did! Thank you to Ms. Hilderbrand for sharing her stories! And, if you are interested, look for her interviews on You Tube. She is very candid about being a breast cancer survivor, and her story is so inspiring! Visit her website at 

So, here's a funny little story. About two years ago, I met Ms. Hilderbrand at the same bookstore. However, at the time, I STILL had a flip phone. When the clerk at the store, took my picture with her, Ms. Hilderbrand got the biggest kick that I still had a flip phone. Since then, I did get a smart phone. Well, this time, I reminded her of this story and so, here's how she signed my book (lol): 

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Thanks for reading! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! What are YOU reading?