Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

I must be the last person on Earth to read The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. (lol) I am behind the times, I know. And no, I have never seen the movie either.  

Suzie Salmon is fourteen years old, a student, a sister, a daughter and friend. Right from the start, though, you learn she has been murdered. This book is written from Suzie's point of view after death, in her heaven. I say "her" heaven because that is exactly how the author portrays it. Everyone's heaven is different. 

All through the book, you wonder if Suzie's killer will be caught. However, while you is waiting to see if justice will be done, you will also see how Suzie is adjusting to her place in Heaven as well as her thoughts and feelings on watching her family here on Earth. 

The reader also gets to experience how Suzie's family copes with this tragedy. Her mother, father, sister, brother and grandmother all deal with Suzie's death in very different ways. They attempt to function individually and as a family. 

Certain things occur in this book...things that challenge this family and not only Susie's death. A book, not only about loss, but about family dynamics as well, and what roles we are assigned to in the family unit. 

Did I like this book? Yes, it absolutely kept my interest and I thought the premise was original and intelligent. There was ONE part towards the end that thought was unnecessary and a little silly, but to prevent spoilers, I will just say that it was the thing that happened involving Ruth, Ray and Susie. 

If you read this and feel like leaving a comment, please do. If you have seen the movie, let me know if you think I should watch it after reading the book. Thank you for any feedback and thank you for reading.

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