Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Still Foolin' 'Em-Where I'm Going, Where I've Been and Where the Hell Are My Car Keys by Billy Crystal

You don't have to be a fan or really have to know anything about Billy Crystal or his work to enjoy this book. I really thought this was a fun book. It actually made me laugh out loud at some parts. 

What a life Mr. Crystal has had. While he is a major celebrity now, he really had to work hard to make it. Mr. Crystal lets us in on some never before known facts about his life and his journey through his work.  Personally, one of my favorite movies EVER is When Harry Met Sally... and there were stories in here that really deliver about that movie alone. He also tells stories about his childhood describing relatives that made me, at least, feel that I was actually introduced to some of them. 

And, just like I always say about celebrities, please keep in mind they are REAL people with REAL families and REAL lives. They entertain us as a JOB, not who they are. 

Also touching in the book, is Mr. Crystal's apparent love for his immediate family, especially his wife, Janice. While the book was humorous in a LOT of places, it was also very moving in others. He has an upbeat look at life at 65 and looks forward to more loving and more living.

I happened to be in New York one weekend when Billy Crystal was doing a book signing at Book Revue in Huntington, New York. So, I have a signed copy of this book. I was thrilled to meet Mr. Crystal. Unfortunately, the line was too long and we weren't allowed to take pictures WITH him, but my mom did get a good shot of him as he signed books: 

 Who doesn't love a good success story and a positive outlook? I recommend this one. Pick it up! Oh, it is nominated for a GoodReads award this year!  

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