Friday, October 24, 2014

One Plus One by Jojo Moyes

Well, I started out being really into this book. I thoroughly enjoyed Jojo Moyes' book Me Before You, so, naturally I was looking forward to reading this. Then, I was excited when I got into it so quickly. 

I know I am going to get a lot of eye rolls at this review because it got so many rave reviews on Goodreads.  But, as it went on, I disliked it. That being said, that could be my fault because I couldn't get past one thing and I am hoping someone out there can clarify this issue.

First, a very short summary. Jess, a single mother of a 10 year old math prodigy and an approximate 15 year old stepson, Nicky,  struggles every day of her life. Her husband, and both the children's father, Marty, has abandoned the family for what Jess thinks is a break, and doesn't help at all with the kids he has left behind. She works as a cleaner and a barmaid but can't make ends meet. 

Jess' part in the story really starts when her math wizard daughter, Tanzie, is given an offer to attend a prestigious school due to her ability in math. However, even with a 90 percent scholarship, Jess cannot afford the rest of the tuition. 

It is then presented that Tanzie can win big money if she wins a math competition. However, the competition takes place in Scotland and Jess can't afford to get there.

Enter Ed Nicholls, a rich computer software guru who Jess cleans for sometimes. Ed is on the brink of getting charged with insider trading, but still agrees to drive Jess, Tanzie, Nicky and their dog Norman to Scotland after feeling he owes Jess for getting him home in a drunken stupor one night. 

The rest of the book takes place over days during the car trip to Scotland. It is a good story, but totally predictable. 

I am going to throw it out there. Jess started getting on my nerves. I understand people have horrible troubles and really struggle. But, her attitude annoyed me. "I'll just sleep on the chair" "We'll just take a bus." Even later,  (I won't spoil it here) when the family receives very generous donations for a completely different matter: "We'll pay back every penny." She took on the air of a martyr and that is something that bugs me. 

It also seemed to me that as the car ride went on, Jess acted sort of entitled to this huge favor Ed was doing for her. Putting her feet up on his dashboard, making Ed's car a trashbin...I don't know, I just think she should have seemed a little more respectful and appreciative. 

But! Here was the real issue that I couldn't get past and I hope someone can clear this up: HOW OLD WAS MARTY SUPPOSED TO BE? I say this because it stated in the book that Jess was 19 when Nicky came to live with them. It also stated several times that Nicky was 8 at the time as well. So, if Nicky's father was supposed to be around the same age, he had him at 11?? Let's say he was one year older....12? Two years older than her ...13? Am I missing something?

For the most part, I liked all the other characters in the book. Tanzie and yes, Norman were my favorites. :) 

Please feel free to leave your comments and PLEASE, someone help me with the age thing! 

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