Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Missing You by Louise Douglas

First, let me say I received a copy from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. 

I read Louise Douglas' other book, The Love of My Life and I have to say I enjoyed that much better. I hate to be rude about any book, and I try to keep it professional, but I rolled my eyes so hard during so much of this book, I gave myself a headache. 

This book was way too predictable for my liking. I can sum it up in a few seconds. Fen (!) has a secret involving her brother many moons ago. She also has a son with cerebral palsy named Connor. They live alone, because Connor is the result of a one night stand and Fen has trouble making ends meet. She takes on a house mate for rent...enter Sean. Sean is reeling from a breakup from his wife, Belle, who left him for another man. Sean leaves the family home and rents a room in Fen's house, bringing his daughter Amy over for visits. I am sure you can gather what happens. 

I was reading this book on a Kindle and I kept looking down to see how much of a the book I was finished. I was stunned when I saw I had 60 percent of the book left when, to me, the whole thing was already explained and on an obvious path. 

Anyway, NONE of these characters were likable, EXCEPT little Connor. Fen got on my nerves the worst...such a martyr. In her opinion, she didn't "deserve" Sean  and she "bit her lip" so often in her overwhelming insecurity, I thought she was going to need stitches. 

However, worst of all, at some points I thought I was reading some kind of Fifty Shades of Grey novel (which I haven't read, but know what it is about, thanks to all my friends). I was wondering why the author felt the need to be so explicit. 

Finally, I don't know who is designing Louise Douglas' covers, but in my opinion they don't fit the couples I am imagining in my head. 

That being said, I am sorry if I sound harsh, but I am glad this one is over. I am grateful to Net Galley for the opportunity, though! 

Incidentally, I don't review every book I read. I do keep track of everything I read and assign it a star value on my Good Reads page. If you want to see what I have read lately, visit my Good Reads page 

I just finished Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult and I found that riveting! But, to each his own. On to the next book! 

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