Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Love Letters by Beverly Lewis

Hello! In this post, I will be reviewing The Love Letters by Beverly Lewis. I received a free copy through the Bethany House blogger program in exchange for an honest review. 

Beverly Lewis is one of my automatic read authors. She writes it, I read it! That being said, I REALLY enjoyed this one. I thought it had a very unique story line to it. 

Without giving anything away, Marlena is staying at her grandmother's house for the summer to help with the chores since Marlena's grandfather passed away. Then, for reasons I won't expose, Marlena is tasked with taking care of her sister's baby, Angela Rose. 

Also on Marlena's plate is a crisis of faith that she must see through. 

The other side of the story involves Marlena's grandmother's neighbor, Jake Bitner, who is 14 years old. Jake was born with a few problems and due to his stature he is nicknamed, "Small Jay". What a heart this character has! He befriends a what is thought to be a homeless man, Boston Calvert and the lessons learned on both sides are more than heartwarming. 

I felt that I was reading two wonderful stories. I was really involved in what was going to happen to all the characters. That is one of my favorite things about a book-getting to know the characters and honestly caring about what happens to them. Some of these felt so real and I am thankful that Mrs. Lewis shares them with us. This was actually one where, while everything was really wrapped up in the end of the book, I wouldn't mind seeing more of these characters. 

Thank you to Bethany House for the copy of the book! 

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